October, 2013


Dear Tea Friends,

The last several months have been busy ones since Friends For Tea changed partners. Checking inventory, clearing out, packing up, and moving on, have occupied many, many hours.

Over the next few months, we invite you to visit this website to see the changes which will occur. Among them will be new tea flavors, in a line we plan to call “Friends’ Blends”.

We will also be sharing information about places to share a cup of tea with your friends, and hope to invite you to join us as we travel on “tea adventures”.

Please keep up with us, as we become the company you want to keep when it comes to friends and tea.





Friends for Tea, in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area, offers tea-related gifts and gourmet teas. We provide speakers for group events to talk about tea history, tea etiquette, or tea education. If you are interested in travel, we offer trips that include visits to tea rooms or other places of interest to tea lovers.

We invite you explore this website to find out more!


A member of the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association

Because we believe in sharing our blessings, a portion of our profits go to women’s, children’s, and animal rescue charities.